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To ensure that your company's position in the sector is more creative and energetic than ever, from the point of growth and development to a much better spot. In this context, our references will be among our basic principles to sign success with many successes in the sector where we have reflected our confidence to our company by adding a successful business to our company and to be permanent. Moreover, we are leaving you with the easiest of business because of our belief that our company can reach the targets that it has determined, or that by creating new targets, these goals will be successful with a systematic work, our knowledge, our knowledge, our ambition and energetic production. He also reach us! We are ready to be your solution partner.


To be the most reputable, reliable, prestigious and highest quality Advertising and Consultancy Company in Cyprus by proving itself in the field. "Becoming the Agency that the top quality brands desire to work". The best quality brand for us; Despite being a leader in its own market, it is a company that thinks like number two and competes by challenging itself, a self-defying number. These companies follow the market in the best way, do not choose the way of imitation and are self-confident organizations.


Increasing the profitability of our brands working with us by using advertising in all aspects, smart and impressive and reaching the target, providing awareness and establishing step-by-step corporate identity. To acquire customer loyalty with our sustainable marketing strategies and to make the audience feel united with the difference.



  • Brand and Image Configuration, Corporate Identity Study, Strategic Investments and Partnerships Coordination, Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Media Planning
  • Let's channel your budget to the right places
    High efficiency, effective recycling
  • Audio Activities
  • Sounding
    Jingle Making
    Radio Advertising
  • Printed Activities
  • Newspaper Advertisements, Magazine Advertisements, Poster, Brochure, Banners, Billboards and much more

  • Web Design
  • Dynamic Web Sites, E-Commerce Software, Search Engine Optimization, Social Sharing Site Integration
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
    SMS Campaigns
  • Corporate Identity
  • Designs suitable for your company and concept
    Work to Ensure Your Markets' Persistence

  • Media Tracking
  • Written, Visual, Social Media Comedy
    Monitoring, Measurement, Reporting
  • Public Relations
  • Press relations, Organization
    Strategy Consulting
    Advertising Activity Consultancys
  • Social Media
  • Social Media for Your Company and Your Brand
    Page Formation and Management

  • Organizations
  • Your company is a private fair, invitation
    Campaign, Opening Activities and Concert Organizations
  • Information Technologies
  • Web designing, Web Programming, Program Software Technologies, Mobile Marketing Campaigns Infrastructure Software

  • Outdoor Advertising
  • We ensure that you are reachable from every angle.
    We emphasize your image with big screens.

  • Marketing and Sales Strategies
  • Towards your company's profit and future
    Effective Marketing and Sales Methods
  • Model and Casting
  • We are your professional and gul side team
    Promotions, Fairs and Professional Faces in Your Organizations
  • Promotion
  • Concept Product Works to Enhance Your Brand Awareness
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    in 8 years 80 Annual Experience

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    1275 Happy Customers

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    Human Resources

    Within the awareness that institutional objectives in Medialife can be achieved through the provision of employee satisfaction; Improvements are made regarding the working environment and conditions and full support is given to employees in order to reach individual targets that are in line with the objectives of the organization.

    Our human resources policy in this direction;

  • Private sector awareness,
  • Highly motivated, Aiming to increase its creativity and to be successful continuously,
    Disciplined in his work, planned and meticulous,
    Using authority and taking responsibility,
    Continuously following the developments in the world and hence in the sector,
    Business and constantly improving itself,
    It is to create appropriate working conditions and opportunities to develop human resources.

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    Tradesmen and Craftsmen Industrial Site
    No: 4
    Nicosia - TRNC


    +90 (392) 444 54 33

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